Able Industrial Trades

Official Vendor Of Record (VOR) for Ontario Public Service

Aliant Resources A Division of Able Industrial Trades Inc. Inclusive Recruitment Solutions

We are pleased to announce Aliant Resources (a division of Able Industrial Trades Inc.) is an Official Vendor Of Record for public service job requirements with the Ontario Government, Ontario Public Service and for all Agencies of the Ontario Government.

At Aliant Resources, we take pride in our commitment to fostering an inclusive workforce.

Our journey as a trusted partner with the OPS is a testament to our dedication to inclusion in recruitment. Our inclusive recruitment process, and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, mental-health, accessibility and belonging ensures that all candidates have a fair and equal opportunity to showcase their skills and potential.

Milestones of Aliant Resources and the Inclusive Recruitment Process: Diversity-Centric Approach:

We understand the importance of diversity in building strong teams. Our recruitment strategies are designed to attract and engage candidates from all walks of life.

Unbiased Selection:

Our technology-driven solutions minimise unconscious biases, allowing us to focus solely on candidates' qualifications and merits. HR professionals with a commitment to DEIB, foster and promote diversity throughout the recruitment cycle.


We value accessibility in our application and assessment processes, making sure every candidate can participate fully. Accommodations are promoted and provided throughout the applicant registration and interview process. Employee needs are identified and shared with hiring leaders, to ensure that an employee has all of the tools required to do their job, while removing barriers for all.

Skill Emphasis:

Our process focuses on evaluating candidates' skills, competencies, and potential, ensuring the best match for the role.

Collaborative Engagement:

We work closely with hiring leaders to understand their unique needs and tailor our recruitment process accordingly. From the job description, to union and collective agreements, inclusive language, accessibility, accommodations, screening, candidate engagement, and onboarding, Aliant Resources values all stakeholders in the hiring success model.

We are excited to contribute to the OPS's by providing exceptional candidates who reflect the diversity and strengths of Ontario. Join us in this journey towards inclusivity, excellence, and progress. Let's continue to shape a future where opportunities remain open to all.

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